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A sustainable face lotion for green beauties

At 100ml, the Rosey Cheeks Face Cream at Scout in Leslieville won't be confiscated by airport security. Number one.

I also convinced myself the sustainable face lotion could be research, if not content, for k-media. I’d rub the organic rose oils into my not so rosey complexion and (hopefully) write about how it lived up to its anti-aging promises. Then I noticed the container was glass, instead of plastic, and immediately ceased self-persuading. 

Unlike plastic, glass is 100 percent recyclable and can even have a lower carbon footprint during manufacturing than producing new glass. The story with plastic is quite different. The low value of scrap plastic coupled with the high costs of recycling means it's much more efficient to manufacture virgin plastic. Since 1995, the carbon footprint of plastics has doubled and now accounts for more than 4.5 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. The small choices we make can make a big difference.


After only a week of using this rich, non-greasy facial cream by Cocoon Apothecary every day, once day, my skin began to glow and feel much more firm than usual. 

When I told someone I recently celebrated my 44th birthday, they nearly hit the floor in disbelief. Thank you, Cocoon Apothecary! I could tell she wasn't just trying to be nice either. 😉

If sustainable, travel-friendly products that smell of fresh roses and rub out wrinkles aren’t enough convincing, the cute label surely will. Rosey Cheeks Face Cream is produced in Kitchener. Ontario and for sale at Scout on Queen Street East in Toronto. For more eco-friendly products in Toronto, be sure to check out our green guide to the green city.