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e-commerce Questionnaire for  Eco-friendly Businesses

What are your eCommerce goals?

Take a few minutes to fill out our e-commerce questionnaire for eco-friendly retailers so we can have a closer look at your business goals, design preferences, and other needs. K-media's comprehensive Q&A is not limited to retailers. We also create eCommerce websites for restaurants, farmers, artisans and more. Tell us about yourself below!

An eCommerce store can be used to broaden your range of environmental products and services for sale, bring you more customers, and take your brand from a traditional brick and mortar store to an innovative, online shop. The future of eCommerce will be driven by the desire for increased convenience by both merchants and their shoppers as well as rich, immersive, and user-friend experiences across all platforms. Currently, over 14 percent of all retail purchases are done online and this number is projected to rise to 22 percent in 2023.

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