Content for ethical brands and conscious consumers.

promoting environmental sustainability in Toronto 

K-Media is a curator of kind content. 

We believe in collective action, sowing the seeds of change at the community level, and helping all individuals grow to become bigger than us.

We relate to the West-ender looking for upcycled furniture, the Leslievillian who dares to repair their old clothing, the Bay street mogul who secretly prunes their kitchen herb garden on zoom calls with the camera turned off. We love connecting like-minded environmental entrepreneurs; infusing day-to-day life with our own brand of eclectic environmentalism. K-media content is for the conscious consumer.

As a team of creatives, strategists, designers, and writers, we pride ourselves on leading in environmental change, taking a proactive stance on social strategy. At K-media, we use our years of experience in marketing to change mindsets and habits through educational, engaging and thoroughly researched content, guiding consumers to make more kind choices for the present and the future. You can find us fostering a kind of global neighbourhood through pop-up events, featuring local artists, grassroots DIY initiatives, and free PDF downloads for your own marketing purposes.

K-media challenges how you and your business can meet the needs of forward thinking consumers. It’s time we listen to what our planet is telling us. 


Curbside Treasures 
Circular Economies
Simple Habit Changes
Eco-Friendly Art Practices
Shopping Local
Zero Waste Mentalities
Socially Conscious Community Building
Lasting Collective Change
Meet the team

Karen Lloyd

Founder & Creative Director

Karen is a writer, editor and digital marketing expert in Toronto. She has a love for all things DIY, second hand and cultivating a city that is more thoughtful and kind toward each other and the environment.

Dana Snow

Writer & Editor
dana snow

Dana is a writer, arts administrator and server living in Tkaronto. Their writing has been featured in Femme Art Review and Peripheral Review. They are a scorpio.