Instagram seems to be telling me I have no internet connection while Twitter says Instagram is down not only in Toronto but worldwide.

In the old days when Instagram stopped working, I immediately assumed it was a Wi-Fi issue. I’d turn my phone off and on again, retest the app, text a test message to a friend and usually find out… I owed money to Rogers. But Instagram seems to be dropping out a lot more lately (along with Facebook and Whatsapp) and I’ve taken comfort in knowing (via Twitter) that this is a widespread problem – not an ordeal I am facing alone.

To be honest, I actually don’t care that much. Fortunately I only post new content on Instagram – silly Stories, usually – every few days. But I do enjoy my morning routine of coffee in bed while scrolling through the latest news and Instagram updates (which was cut short this morning due to the crash). Rarely, do I look at Twitter anymore. In fact, I only seem to visit the app for commentary on Donald Trump when there is absolutely nothing interesting to look at on Instagram or for up-to-the-second info on breaking news when there is breaking news. Twitter is pretty incredible that way. I try to update it once in a while with links to my latest published work but I’m nowhere near as into the app as I was 10 years ago – except when Instagram is down. It’s at times like this that I feel sort of nostalgic and sad for Twitter, like Twitter is a good friend – reliable, dependable, all that jazz – and I have severely neglected him/her/it for Instagram, the shining star of social media. I guess there just something more juicy about Instagram. Pictures? I vow to use Twitter more often. And blog. And generally spread my creative content across a number of platforms. When Instagram goes down, I don’t freak. I just feel grateful that I didn’t put all my eggs in one basket.

It’s not clear what caused the outage, nor do I know if Instagram is back up now. It’s been down for about two hours in Toronto. But I must say, I’m equally, if not more, entertained by everyone’s reactions (on Twitter) to Instagram’s outage.

“Opening Twitter after ages and discovering a new world!!”

– @GiuliaCarla

“Instagram models and influencers looking for employment while servers are restored.”

– @riazbapoo

“I had to check Twitter to make sure it wasn’t just me. This is why I have a Twitter account.”


Unlike previous outages, affecting specific regions, this outage has disrupted users world-wide. I wonder how long it will last? Do you immediately run to Twitter when Instagram is down? I would love to read in the comments how you deal with social media blackouts?

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