One of the greatest benefits to using Google Plus is its SEO value, meaning that if a person searches keywords you’ve integrated into your Google Plus posts, those posts may show up in search results and significantly increase your brand’s exposure.

In order to get customers to see your business more frequently on the first page of Google search results, here are 5 strategies to get you Google Plussing like a pro.

1. Try to post fresh content with keywords (related to your business/industry) every few days in order to pop up on the right side of the search results.

2. Post engaging and timely content to Google Plus (with photos) that is more likely to be shared.

3. Target your audience with the right keywords and relevant content. If you’re an ice cream shop, what else do your consumers like besides ice cream? Where do they live? Is there an event coming up in your neighbourhood that will likely get a lot of Google searches, write about it!

4. Follow and engage Google Plus users, and aspire to have as many people follow you as possible. Even if these people are inactive on Google Plus, so long as they follow you, your posts are more likely to show up their in their search results. This is also true for anyone that you’ve connected with over Gmail.

5. Your Google Plus page should include the location of your business along with directions, a phone number, photos, and reviews.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. For more information on how to use Google+ for your business, contact K-media today.

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