The best restaurants in Toronto

Animal Liberation Kitchen

Riverside BIA | September 2, 2019

Animal Liberation Kitchen, a new family restaurant in Riverside, is proving meat is not synonymous with a rich and satisfying meal.

“I’m not vegan because I don’t like the taste of meat,” says ALK chef and founder Tanya Spasic. “We are Serbian. We ate meat three times a day.”

Fat Pasha

Jamie Sarner

Located in what feels a little like cottage country with tall trees and small bungalow-style homes on the northern outskirts of Toronto’s Annex, Fat Pasha has become a dining destination for nearby University of Toronto students and faculty, business people, prominent artists and foodies from all over the city. 

Thompson Diner

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In 2010, a former mechanic shop on Bathurst was transformed into a cozy diner featuring comfort food and friendly service as part of the newly built Thompson Toronto Hotel. Until it closed at the end of 2019, the Thompson Diner is the heartbeat of Toronto’s Fashion District.

Fred’s Not Here

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Despite what the restaurant’s name suggests, Fred is always there.

“When it’s in your blood, it doesn’t leave you,” says Fred.

District 28 Bar Bistro

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District 28 Bar Bistro was once little more than a makeshift café patronized by a handful of neighbouring residents and businesses. Today it’s the enticing front door to District 28 Studios, an 18,000 square foot multimedia facility located which encompasses three studios a reception bar and a screening room.