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In Ontario, migrant workers are the linchpin of a billion industry.

Migrant workers put dinner on the table in Northumberland County

Northumberland News | August 5, 2010

Imagine leaving home for half a year, every year, just to put food on the table.

For 36-year-old Asael Hernandez, and an estimated 19,000 others from Mexico and the Caribbean, that is their reality in Canada, and they’re thankful for it; grateful for the privilege to do the jobs no one else will take.

Pink Floyd for mayor?

Northumberland News | August 27, 2010

Dubbed Pink Floyd on Facebook since the beginning of the year, John Floyd announced his candidacy for mayor in Port Hope this week.

A crowd of more than 100 Port Hope residents arrived with lawn chairs and open minds at Mr. Floyd’s ‘beach house’ to hear his plan for the municipality — a plan that was spoken through a karaoke machine and followed up with the famous Pink Floyd tune, Another Brick in the Wall.