GloriaFood allows restaurants to sell food on their own websites

GloriaFood’s Menu-Ordering-Reservations plugin for WordPress could save the restaurant industry from revenue eating delivery apps.

COVID-19 has changed the way of life for many Canadians. Our mom and pop restaurants, in particular, are struggling to make ends meet. Those that remain open are trying to operate on a pick-up or delivery model but food delivery providers are taking a bite out of already tight profit margins.

In normal times, restaurants don’t mind forking over 25 per cent of their profit to delivery service providers. But now that pickup and delivery account for nearly all dishes ordered, what was once viewed as a pesky cost of doing business is now a question of is it worth the cost at all? While restaurants are still making a profit through food delivery apps, it’s much, much smaller.

Menu-Ordering-Reservations is a DIY online food ordering system for restaurants

Menu-Ordering-Reservations is an easy to use plug-in for restaurant owners who want to operate free of unfair delivery fees.

In a matter of minutes, I started my own pick-up and delivery service for bagged/bottled/boxed salads featuring produce from my garden. Will anyone order? I don’t know! Is it even legal to sell salads from a residential kitchen? Probably not! But you can order a Lacinato Salad right now for $3 and I will deliver. Although, my kale is far from ready to harvest and I’d have to run to the store before it closes to pick up ingredients. But it works. I placed a test order and was notified by email of the request. How cool is that?

The innovative plug-in by GloriaFood is completely free and will work on any WordPress website. In settings, you can choose the payment methods, hours of services, and more.

Of course, GloriaFood isn’t the answer for every restaurant and restaurant owners will wonder how to manage a house-made delivery service but perhaps it could work on a “shop local” level. If we could keep our cravings within a 2-km radius, at least during COVID-19, then this plug-in would be easy for restaurants to manage and keep more money in their kitchens.

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