Hi, I'm Karen!

I've been in the business of social media since Myspace and writing professionally since 2000.

My digital marketing expertise and enthusiasm for growing food and flowers connected in Toronto (ironically) when I scored the sweetest studio apartment with a very big southeast-facing deck. That was in 2015 and gardening was not one of my specialties. It was the last thing on my mind as I became fully absorbed in all things digital marketing. Then, one sunny February morning, I thought it would be fun to start some Dollarama seeds (to see if they'd grow). A few days later, dozens green pepper seedlings burst through the earth in a small pot on my windowsill and I've been rewarded in many ways since. 

When I’m not plugging away online or watering veggies on my deck, I enjoy following my dog to parks around the city and taking flower photos along the way. If you’re in Toronto's Riverside neighbourhood and would like to talk shop in person, shoot me a message. I would love to hear from you. 


Karen Lloyd


My portfolio features a range of creative work including logo designs, restaurant menus, print ads and lots of writing.

Horticulture Writing

By Karen Lloyd

My interest in sustainable horticulture began in 2010 when I interviewed a group of migrant workers from Mexico and the Caribbean at a farm in Cobourg, Ontario. I wanted to know what it was like for them to leave home and move to another country to do the work we won't. Their stories opened my eyes to the challenges (and opportunities) in this unpredictable industry and inspired learn more. Since then, my writing portfolio grew to include many horticulture blogs and articles, primarily related to cannabis but not totally. I write about other plants, too, as well as pathogens and nutrients and so on. Below are a few samples of my work.

Migrant workers on Canadian farms
Reasons to reuse your grow media
Choosing the right CBD oil
Transplant your plants the proper way
Personalise your pot with a genetics test
Keep pathogens away from your plants
How to grow cannabis on your balcony
Three cannabis edibles to make at home
A few more highlights
  • Worked as a community newspaper reporter, photographer and columnist in Port Hope from 2000 to (officially) 2011.
  • Travelled and wrote hotel reviews in Canada and Europe for North Star Travel Media between 2007 and 2009.
  • Initiated a social media marketing seminar in 2011 at Fleming College for businesses, governments, and non-profit organizations.
  • Co-authored The Toronto Book of Everything, published by MacIntyre Purcell Publishing in 2009.
  • Wrote about and photographed about a hundred Toronto restaurants and their owners for YP Dine between 2014 and 2016.

Graphic Design

I've always been able to imagine how something should look but it wasn't until 2014 that I began to learn to bring those concepts to life (on a computer screen). While I honed in on the technical skills over the years, I also studied the principals of design and how they affect consumer behaviour. Here are a few samples of my graphic designs including logos, restaurant menus, and other promotional materials.

Extra, extra!

In 2017 I had the opportunity to write, photograph and design the 2017 Riverside BIA Magazine with help from several BIA board and committee members. You can check out the magazine (and my neighbourhood) below!

Five Strengths you can call on

A few years ago I was encouraged by a friend and career confidante to take the CliftonStrengths Assessment. I wanted to align the things I naturally do best with what I do every day. It only took 43 years and 177 questions to discover the true me. In addition to digital market services, here's what else to expect when you work with K-media.


I love brainstorming sessions and value originality. Today's ideas could be tomorrow's best-selling products or services.


Having empathy makes me sensitive other peoples thoughts and feelings. I can better respond to the desires of your audience.


I'm a dreamer of what could be - products, services, efficiencies. I see potential and try to inspire that same optimism in others. 


In nature, resilience and adaptability are essential for survival. In an unpredictable industry, I can help you go with the flow and grow.


My propensity to question tradition and discuss solutions to life's problems can fuel creativity and inspire growth within your company.

Fallback Plan

If all else fails, I enjoy dabbling in a variety of creative endeavours that become more or less engaging depending on the season. These are small steps toward my goal to live more sustainably and/or my retirement plan. In all honesty, I've always loved making things and expressing myself creatively. If I can transform nothing into something beautiful or useful, then my purpose is fulfilled.

Jewelry making