K is for Karen

K-media your one-stop-shop for all things writing, website design, and digital marketing in Toronto.

Since 2011 I have been helping small businesses get digital and sell their services and merchandise online. In addition to social media marketing strategies, K-media offers SEO writing, website design, photography, and a range of other creative marketing services.

Disconnected by design

Is it time to transform your brick and mortar business into a thriving virtual store? As an experienced website designer, I’ll build your e-commerce business and as a writer, I’ll build your brand.

I have been writing professionally since 2000 with expertise in real estate, restaurants, agriculture, arts, and tourism. My writing services include SEO writing, copywriting, articles, company bios, blogs, website content and more. When it comes to website design, the options are unlimited.

Website design services at K-media also include the use of Google Analytics to improve your website ranking.

Let’s bring your business to life online

Whether you need product descriptions, food photography, a website, or an on-brand social media strategy, I can help your business adapt and grow online.

In response to COVID-19, K-media is pleased to offer independent businesses a free website and customized advice to ensure you maximize your domain and stay ahead of the competition.

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